“Lynne Drysdale Patterson knows what she's talking about. She's a singer, songwriter and worship leader, so when she teaches classes that touch on these topics, she brings first-hand knowledge to the table. She has been a song evaluator and teacher in various programs at the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) for years, and is a valued member and dear friend.

Her most recent workshop is called “Writing A Song From A Storyline,” and it pulls the participant straight into the process. She picks a paragraph from a newspaper, for example, and teaches her class to pull elements from it to create a song. Around those compelling story pieces, she shows how to arrange the chorus, verses and melody into a memorable song. Participants can walk away with something concrete to use as a template for building their song craft.

Lynne is engaged in the practice of “being” in the world, and seeing it through a spiritual perspective. And on top of that, she is funny, dropping jokes and puns around her like little bits of candy, a trail to follow so you don't even realize you're working.”
Debi Cochran, Legislative and Workshop Director
Nashville Songwriters Association International
Writer of “My Kind of Girl” (Collin Raye) and “This Is Me Missing You” (James House)

"I am pleased to highly recommend Lynne Drysdale-Patterson as a speaker. Stonecroft Ministries is an international ministry established in 1939 with a mission to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ and make Him known by presenting the biblical message of salvation.

Lynne Drysdale-Patterson is an effective speaker for Stonecroft Ministries because she stayed within our guidelines. Our groups found her very personable and appealing to women of all ages."
Jennifer S. Baron
Area Representative for New Albany-Gahanna Christian Womens Club

" Lynne does not compromise the Word of God. As she ministers to the people through her music, her message is simple, direct, and cuts to the hearer's heart. Her soothing, clear vocal sound brings healing to anyone who will receive what the Spirit of God is saying through her music. She knows how to elevate her audience - both young and old - to the things that are lovely and pure because her focus is always
~ Karen Casterline
Recording Secretary
Central Tennessee Area Board
Murfreesboro, Tennessee

"By incorporating recipes, traditions and inspirational insights, Lynne brings a fresh perspective to historically Jewish holidays, making them a celebration for today Christian celebrations.

After hearing Lynne's presentation, the audience will leave with a sense of both their spiritual heritage and legacy."
Florence Lilttauer, Founder, CLASSeminar
Author of Personality Plus, Silver Boxes and Making the Blue Plate Special

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